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You Have To Be Obsessed!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I met a younger guy the other day whose words have just stuck with me. He was in his twenties; however, his insightfulness into being successful at business was enlightening!

He shared with me "to be successful you have to obsessed with your own success."

I didn't get a chance to follow up on that proclamation, but days later his thoughts render me perplexed!

If you have to define success by obsession what could that mean? You hear obsession and that suggests a negative narrative usually. Or does it?

You may even have a flood of negative thoughts about failure even now, the what ifs, and doubts. You need to keep in mind that you with assistance from BAC you can find a work and life balance to be obsessed with your own success and avoid burnout!

The negative narrative can be very common, but how can the obsessed stigma continue forward without the attachment of the negative complexities is the question I want to consider. Will you consider it?

Arguably so, its known that you can't just sit around waiting for the right alignment of the (stars) ✨️ to start putting a business dream in action. So, why do so many individuals cycle through the dream and NEVER execute it?

Keep in mind, many dream up extraordinary things and store ALL its imaginary existence in the corners of their mind mostly out of the fear of failure. You need to give new concepts life and room for growth to declare the win or failure.

We often overlook the possibility of success when the overcast of failure lumes greatly. Not often do we remember that success has a very fluid movement and true failure is quitting.

If you bring your concepts to life, and they don't work out as planned is that a true failure? ?

Brings me right back to this young guy's proclamation. But first, Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) isn't fueled by failure.

We research, collect our data, we reflect on our feedback, we revise our plans, we revisit the cycle continuously to account for the path forward to the desired outcomes.

We always need to consider the data, but where others see failure in the OBM business; At Blue Assent Consultant LLC (BAC), we see projects requiring strategic planning. why?

According to Forbes 2018 edition:

Approximately 80% of businesses survive the 1st year.

Approximately 45-51% of those businesses survive more than 5 years.

Then to conclude 1 of 3 businesses left survive more than 10 years. Please see article link for more data and common reasons why businesses failed.


Whilst there are some relevant points about failing, and we could get into a debate about obsession (aka classical conditioning vs operant conditioning). We can and should focus on my final point, the piece that's been missing since the start of this blog..... The other part missing from the young guy's thought. He shared there's no space or time to fail; if you realize your skillset has a weak point go and fix it, build it up, and get back to the work obsessively!

Right now, your wondering why I purposely left the rest of this vital information out!! It's because the work, just like OBM, remains continuous. We need to check our skillset constantly!

We need to be obsessed with our own success! For an OBM we want to encourage behavioral change and (DEVELOPMENT) in individuals as a group.

That's a powerful thought, how do you influence a group of individuals each with their own individual obsessions to positively be motivated towards change together?

To work on their weaknesses, the strategies of OBM have to do the same, identify the weakness, build up the skillset in the individuals, to reinforce the group (positively), teach the group to recognize the fluidity of the work, and then we get back work on its success obsessively! 🙌

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