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So, Life Goes On!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Evalee Fenty-Marseil is the owner of Blue Assent Consultant LLC (BAC) specializing in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), and ready to expand her unique skillset. Evalee is also much more and looking forward to meeting you. She's a mom, stepmom, wife, daughter, family, friend, etc.... After wearing so many hats there was just one more, she dreamt of wearing!

Evalee is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and has traveled many places giving her a varying international perspective on disability. This viewpoint has also increased awareness of the growing disabled community on a global scale. Several personal life's challenges found Evalee herself disabled momentarily, however, that wasn't the end for her story.

So, Life Goes On! That time was spent humbling herself, healing, learning to adapt to her new way of life (There has been some very hard days), reinventing her ideal goals, planning, and executing her newest vision. Many others continue on this struggle publicly and privately. Many employers think twice before considering a disabled applicant. How can we change that Evalee wondered?

After more than 20 years project managing, in many roles of leadership. teaching, advocating, analyzing/ strategizing, visiting many entrepreneurial oddities, researching, branding, creative designing, problem solving, copywriting/grant writing, thinking outside the box just to name few, and rushing to the aid of ALL it felt like it was time to Captain her own Company.

Mr. Gandhi said it best "A customer is part of our business, not an outsider, and they are giving us an opportunity to serve them."

Through this trustworthy collaboration companies who partner with BAC, now have a strategically placed alliance with ALL her collective knowledge and hats for any occasion!

BAC also takes a proactive stance by disseminating and broadening multicultural awareness, creating an inclusive environment, and infusing acknowledgement that social biases against anyone hinders the cultivation of a diverse efficiently workplace. BAC will work harder for your business and keeps integrity at the top of the check list!

Realigning your companies' goals and organizing a path forward is one benefit of using an OBM. Making sure that evidence-based practices through coaching and training your employees reaffirm their value, and their place in your companies' vision is another. The third is proficiency and making certain to inspire ALL employees including the CEO. We can ALL work together to reach greatness!

Looking forward to working with you!

Contact BAC, grab your list, we'll build a checklist, and let's get together.

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