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BAC owner
Owner's Bio

Education and Experience:

  • The BAC Academic/Professional Consultant/Coach | Entrepreneurial Leader, who possesses more than 15 years (>20 years) in Education/Science/Communication and language Disorders/ Instructional Design/Exceptional Education/ Advocacy/ Case Management/ Case Study/Behavioral Analysis Research (Real world Business Management Entrepreneurship experience) and a Professonial /Internship/Externship Program, respectively. The Consultant/Coach has completed a Dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and Exceptional Education, a Master of Applied Behavorial Analysis.

  • Currently pursuing  a Ph.D. in human behavior  and Organizational Psychology. 

  • As a result of the unique combined education and experiences accomplished by the Consultant, as well as the actual Non-Traditional Learner and Career transition modes of the proposed Target Marketing, there is a strong purpose for augmenting those who seek powerful, profound, positive, and personal assistance for creating and sustaining educational and career success.

  • The BAC Owner will perform the role of Consultant/Coach to assess and provide relevant service in various capacities for developing, enhancing, and sustaining progress, such that the Client accomplishes high-quality outcomes, as aligned with their own values, interests, and desires.  These services will include high-level completion of Career/Academic E-Portfolios, as required, as well as germane resources to ensure the Client attains their preferred aspirations!


At Blue Assent Consultant LLC (BAC), we understand that the success of business is dependent on its people. That's why we focus on the human side of business, helping organizations to create a culture of trust, transparency, and collaboration. BAC's approach to organizational behavior management (OBM) is based on a deep understanding of human behavior, data collection, and the use of evidence-based strategies to help businesses achieve their goals.

By investing in their employees' development and well-being, small businesses can create a competitive advantage that helps them to stand out. Our consulting services help companies to create a unified vision, streamline their processes, and improve communication.

At BAC, we're passionate about helping businesses to achieve their full potential. Our experienced consultant has worked with businesses customize solutions that meets their unique needs. Whether you're looking to improve communication, streamline processes, restructure, work on team building, or create a more positive organizational culture, we're here to help. 

Work culture
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Organizational Identity: Culture defines the unique identity of the organization. It differentiates one company from another  and attracts employees who align with its values.Balancing OBM and organizational culture is essential for creating a workplace that promotes both individual and collective performance while aligning with the organization's mission and values. OBM techniques can be applied within the context of the existing culture to enhance overall organizational effectiveness.


A positive organizational culture can foster employee engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity. A negative organizational culture can lead to low morale, high turnover rates, and poor performance.

Stress at work

By creating a positive organizational culture you improve employee well-being, foster innovation, and achieve a long-term efficient workplace. BAC’s collaborative opportunity offers a unique perspective and skillset, and by understanding and leveraging these concepts, organizations can create a positive work environment that benefits employees and the organization.

Organizational behavior management (OBM) is the study of how individuals and groups behave. It focuses on improving employee performance and organizational outcomes by using behavior-based interventions.

Web Design

Step away from cookie-cutter solutions for your design needs. At Blue Assent Consultant LLC, our expert design team specializes in crafting customized designs that stand out in the digital landscape, effectively showcasing your brand's unique offerings on your most critical asset digitally.

- Custom Design Work:

- UI/UX Excellence: 

- Mobile-Friendly Design:

- E-Commerce Expertise: 

- Testing & Optimization: 

- Proven ROI:

Our strategic custom web design consistently delivers a strong return on investment. Unlock your site's full potential with Blue Assent Consultant LLC.

 Ready to take your business to the next level?

Glass Buildings

For Organizations

We will collaborate with your team or organization, whether you're a nonprofit, government agency, small to medium business, or large corporation, to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

For Individuals

Acquire the skills necessary to:

- Establish and achieve your career.
- Overcome self-defeating behavior patterns.

- Enhance your capabilities to succeed.

The influence of OBM practitioners is evidenced in various sectors, as shown by studies conducted in:


- Healthcare (Kelley & Gravina, 2017)

- Manufacturing (Blasingame, Hale, & Ludwig, 2014)

- Retail (Rafacz, Boyce, & Williams, 2010)

- Transport and Logistics (Hickman and Gellar, 2008; Goomas, 2012)

- Finance (McNally & Abernathy, 1989)

- Human services (Gravina et al, 2018)

- Hospitality (Smith, 2010; LaFleur & Hyten, 1995)

- Education (Phillips, 2008)

- Communications (Tilka & Johnson, 2017)

- Health and wellness (Bowles, Malott, & Dean, 2008)

- Governments (Nordstrom, Lorenzi, & Hall, 1991)

- Non-profits (Biglan, 2008)

- Utilities (Clayton & Nesnidol, 2017)

Discrimination Policy

Blue Assent Consultant LLC is committed to providing a safe and inclusive online environment for all users, free from discrimination, harassment, and prejudice. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and encourage all users to report any incidents. We investigate all reports and takes appropriate action, including account termination. We believe in respecting and valuing every person, regardless of their characteristics. Our practice principles include promoting diversity and inclusivity and continuously improving our policies and practices to achieve these goals.

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