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Blue Assent Consultant LLC (BAC) is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with innovative solutions, informed by the principles of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). Our mission is to create sustainable changes by providing strategic consulting, tailored interventions, and data-driven insights. BAC focuses on effectiveness, nurturing a work culture with a core value radiating employee well-being, we aim to inspire growth, foster autonomy, and drive lasting success in every client we serve.

Your organization will receive real solutions and experience true results. Your business deserves someone trustworthy and hardworking, who is working alongside you step by step.

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About Owner

Evalee Fenty-Marseil

I’ve been a professional Organizational Consultant since 2021. I have over 15+ years of professional collective experience helping individuals and businesses. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, collaborative partnerships, and always striving for significantly positive outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect  collaboration with transparency, efficiency, and consistency. Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

Glass Buildings
Glass Buildings


  BAC's capabilitiies include guiding clients through strategically informed data decisions and rationalized changes.

Blue Assent Consultant transforms businesses through services catered to suit their individualized needs. See what clients have to say, and contact BAC today.

Let's Collaborate And See What We Will Do!

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BAC review
BAC review
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"Where Strategy Meets Unique Brilliance."




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